Acrongenomics Inc. is a publicly traded company that identifies and then invests in groundbreaking technologies in the Life Sciences sector. Our goal is to bring novel and realistic concepts to market by transforming scientific innovations into tangible, consumer-orientated applications. The company has its headquarters in London, England.

We were the first to identify the combination of microfluidics and light responsive polymers being developed by Molecular Vision in London as having the potential of completely revolutionising the Point of Care (PoC) diagnostics market. This lab on a chip diagnostic platform has the potential to produce simple to use compact, low cost, hand held device where the analytical capabilities of a number of standard pieces of laboratory equipment can be duplicated. This means that a very wide range of diagnostic tests based on the same procedures that are used in the laboratory, will now be available to be undertaken in a physicians office or even in the field (for example, trying to identify an outbreak of infectious disease in farm animals).

Acrongenomics has a significant stake in the Molecular Vision technology platform and its current patents. Furthermore and regardless of its shareholding in Molecular Vision, Acrongenomics is entitled to two separate forms of royalties in all fields of application of the lab on a chip platform.

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